Mempile preps terabyte optical disc

An Israeli firm called Mempile is developing an optical storage technology that will cram a terabyte of data onto a single disc. The key to this high storage capacity is a disc made from a custom polymer that is essentially transparent to the laser used by the drive. This allows Mempile to pack roughly 200 virtual layers onto a single 1.2mm disc, with each of those layers capable of storing 5GB of data.

Mempile estimates that its disc technology will retain data for 50 years, but prototypes aren't expected for a year and a half. Drives and discs wouldn't be available to consumers until a year after that.

Soaring hard drive capacities have made backup via optical media difficult at best, so the prospect of terabyte recordable media is certainly tantalizing. However, by the time Mempile gets its TeraDisc technology out the door, terabyte-capacity might not be as impressive as it is today. You can read more about Mempile's TeraDisc here.

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