iPhone users hack up instant messaging, IRC clients

Barely a month has passed since hackers at the iPhone Dev Wiki released the first third-party application capable of running on Apple's iPhone. Now, Ars Technica reports that folks have started putting together third-party instant messaging and internet relay chat applications for the device. The instant messaging app in question is dubbed AppoloIM, and while it's not anywhere near complete, it reportedly already allows users to log onto AOL Instant Messenger and chat.

For more old-school iPhone users, an iPhone IRC client known as IRCm is also available. This application's developers say their baby is usable, and that users can join channels and manually enter IRC commands if they know what they're doing. Like AppoloIM, IRCm is freely available for iPhone users to download and experiment with. Ars says folks can also rely on the Installer.app or PXL iPhone package managers to handle installing/uninstalling AppoloIM and IRCm.

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