OCZ unveils a new processor cooler

While mostly known for its memory and power supplies, OCZ Technology also offers a handful of cooling products. The company has now added to its collection of coolers by introducing the OCZ Vanquisher, a processor cooler that combines a tower-style, heat pipe-based heatsink and a 92mm ceramic bearing fan.

OCZ's Vanquisher cooler

OCZ's Vanquisher CPU cooler

The Vanquisher's heatsink component sports a copper base plate, three copper heat pipes, and an array of aluminum fins. As for the 92mm fan, OCZ says it is rubber-mounted and runs at speeds between 800 and 2000 RPM. AMD systems with 754, 939, and AM2 sockets as well as Intel systems with LGA775 sockets are all compatible with the Vanquisher, and the heatsink can be installed using its built-in mounting clips without taking the host motherboard out of its case first.

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