Labor Day Shortbread

Labor Day

  • X-bit labs reports that AMD has shipped quad-core Opteron processors for revenue
    and has quietly bolstered its CPU lineup with new dual-core Opteron chips
    but also has lost many executives ahead of its much anticipated Barcelona launch
  • VR-Zone has posted a CPU-Z screenshot of AMD's Phenom ES
  • OCWorkBench overclocks AMD's Phenom beyond 3GHz with air-cooling
  • HotHardware and The Inquirer have the scoop on Diamond's 2GB VFX 2000 Series Pro
  • DigiTimes reports that Intel's 2-way servers will get a 45nm upgrade in Q4
  • The Inquirer reports that Nvidia's G92 will feature a 384-bit controller
  • Reg Hardware reports that Foxconn targets overclockers with its Quantum Force Mars
    motherboard based on Intel's Bearlake chipset
  • EEProductCenter on ITOX's motherboard with support for Intel's embedded architecture processors
  • New York Post reports that Amazon will launch its own online music service
  • Microsoft shuts down Neowin's AutoPatcher program
  • Zune Boards hack MS Zune for Korean & Chinese language support
  • eWeek compiles a wish list for Apple's iPhone
  • AMD's limited edition Athlon 64 X2 6000+ featuring a TDP of 89W has been released in Japan
    (benchmarks from PC Watch's review are here)
  • Buffalo releases Blu-ray & HD DVD combo drives for Serial ATA and USB 2.0
  • MSI's Fuzzy GM965 Mini-ITX motherboard with support for Intel's Core 2 Extreme hits Japan
  • Microsoft TechNet Q1 FY08 all downloadable downloads
  • GamersHell has Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time free full game (ad supported)
  • InfoWorld has the latest results from Opteron vs. Xeon power-efficiency tests
  • The Inquirer looks at Leadtek's watercooled WinFast PX8800 Ultra Leviathan
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