New iPods coming tomorrow?

Apple is expected to take the wraps off a new range of iPods during a press conference on September 5, according to a report by DigiTimes. The site has learned from moles at Taiwanese contract manufacturers that the upcoming iPod refresh will include new iPod video, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle models.

If DigiTimes is to be believed, the next-gen iPod video will pack NAND flash memory and feature a wide-screen display, an iPhone-like user interface, and Wi-Fi networking capabilities. Apple will also make the move to an iPhone-style UI with the upcoming iPod nano, and that model will see its storage capacity increase, too. As for the iPod shuffle, DigiTimes says that model will only get a storage capacity boost. Production of upcoming iPod video models will reportedly be handled by Inventek, while Foxconn and Asustek will take care of the new iPod nano and iPod shuffle, respectively.

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