Intel preps quad-core, 45nm mobile chips for 2008

It's no secret that Intel has a slew of 45nm mobile processors lined up for its upcoming Santa Rosa Refresh and Montevina platforms next year. Rumors have pointed to Montevina-bound dual-core chips clocked at speeds of up to 3.06GHz with 1066MHz front-side bus speeds and 6MB of cache. Those processors should be more than fast enough to rival the best dual-core offerings out today, but according to a report by the folks at HKEPC, Intel is also cooking up some 45nm quad-core processors for the Montevina platform.

An Intel slide nabbed by the Hong Kong-based site suggests quad-core "Penryn QC" mobile processors will roll out in the second half of 2008. They'll come in a 35mm x 35mm Socket P multi-chip package with a maximum power rating of 45W—10W above that of current mobile Core 2 Duos—and an idle rating of 3-4W. The slide doesn't mention clock speeds, but it says the upcoming CPUs will pack 12MB of cache and a 1066MHz front-side bus.

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