GeForce 8 cards to get the AGP treatment

Even with virtually every recent desktop PC sporting PCI Express slots, cries for AGP support return like a persistent rash with each graphics card generation. Nvidia's GeForce 7600-series cards are still available in AGP format, and now DigiTimes has word that we should see AGP-bound GeForce 8600 and GeForce 8400 cards before long.

Citing moles at graphics card makers, DigiTimes explains that the BR02 PCI Express to AGP bridge chip used on AGP GeForce 7600 cards isn't compatible with GeForce 8 models. Nvidia is rumored to be working on an A05 version of the chip that will work not only with GeForce 8600- and 8400-series cards, but also with future products based on Nvidia's upcoming G92 and G98 graphics processors.

AMD isn't departing from the AGP arena, either. DigiTimes says AMD is ironing out driver problems in order to deliver AGP versions of its Radeon HD 2600 and Radeon HD 2400 graphics cards. Said driver problems should be resolved "by the end of this month," according to the site's sources.

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