Outlook rosy for AMD

According to c|net news, AMD is expected to post earnings of 62 cents per share, or about $212 million, later this week. The company is predicted to have sold more than 3.6 million Athlon processors, with revenues close to $1.26 billion. The article goes on to note that since AMD's European sales are primarily from flash memory, which continues to be in short supply, they may have been able to avoid the 'European flu.'

Athlons are expected to hit 1.5 GHz early next year, with GamePC doing the first review of the Duron 800 MHz. More information on mobile solutions for the Athlon should follow later this week.

On an old but related note, the delay in the Linux kernel is due to Microsoft's army of evil monkeys.

UPDATE: AMD has this news release demoing their dual processor workstation system.

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