Asustek has high hopes for its notebook business

Could Asus-branded notebooks one day play in the same ballpark as the HPs, Acers, and Toshibas of this world? DigiTimes says Asustek aims to become one of the world's top five notebook vendors, up from its current position as eighth or ninth on the global scale.

One of the driving factors for the change could be the Eee PC, which Asustek expects to become a focus for its branded notebook business in the future. The first Eee PCs should ship this month, and Asustek will strike again with Core 2 Duo-powered, second-generation Eee PCs in April 2008. Overall, DigiTimes says the company intends to ship between 200,000 and 300,000 Eee PCs by the end of the year and at least another three million next year.

Word of Asustek's ambitions comes a couple of months after the company announced plans to spin off its contract manufacturing activities into separate companies next January. The firm's PC hardware contract manufacturing business will be known as Pegatron, while its casing and non-PC-related contract manufacturing will be spun off into a company called Unihan.

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