Thursday Shortbread


  • Ars Technica reports that Intel launches Tigerton quad-core Xeons and Caneland server platform
  • Daily Tech reports that new Sony PS3 firmware 1.92 released
  • AnandTech covers CEDIA 2007 day 1: JVC's new 1080p projectors
  • Computer Shopper, FiringSquad, and HotHardware on hp's Blackbird 002 gaming system
  • HardwareZone reviews Dell XPS M1330 notebook (Intel Santa Rosa)
  • Digit-Life reviews MSI K9AG Neo2-Digital
  • Overclockers Club reviews Sapphire Ultimate Radeon HD 2600 XT
  • Digit-Life reviews EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GTS KO ACS3 Edition 320MB
    and 8800 Ultra Superclocked 768MB
  • Gamepyre reviews Diamond XtremeTV PVR660 USB 2.0 TV tuner
  • YouGamers have Windows Vista-friendly peripherals part 1
  • Ars Technica and t-break review Creative Labs Zen Stone Plus
  • Digital Trends reviews T-Mobile Wing™
  • bit-tech reviews Lian Li PC-B25 case
  • 3dGameMan reviews Gigabyte iSolo 210 case
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