Microsoft's candy store and NVIDIA clarification

Microsoft has created an anti-piracy team to test for forged software. In a turnabout, they are considering offering replacements for those who turn in pirated software.

Trust this to happen after I post about GeForce 2 Ultra rumors. Gateway has begun to offer the GeForce 2 Ultra card as an option in their PCs. A reader from nV News has a screenshot of a GF2 Ultra running in his system (scroll way down) and nV News is also reporting that 32mb versions of the GF2 Ultra will NOT appear. In the same vein, Evil 3D reviews the VisionTek GeForce 2 Ultra card while Guru 3D takes a look at the Guillemot Hercules flavor. To those whom I may have misled with my earlier postings of GeForce 2 Ultra rumors, I apologize.

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