Dell staying committed to AMD

AMD definitely isn't having its best year so far, but Dell CEO Michael Dell has spoken out to say he doesn't regret his company's decision to adopt AMD processors. At the 14th Annual Citigroup Technology Conference, EE Times reports, Dell stated plainly that his company "has no intention" of reversing the decision. Dell elaborated, "It is simply unacceptable for a company of Dell's size to only have one of these choices," and added, "We think having two suppliers is absolutely in our best interest."

Dell went on to say that his company wants to offer customers a choice of both Intel server processors and AMD's upcoming quad-core "Barcelona" chips. Interestingly, he also had something to say about Barcelona's performance:

"If you look at floating point instructions, Barcelona is about 30 percent faster than Clovertown [Intel's quad-core 2P server chips]. However, if you look at integer instructions, Clovertown is about 30 percent faster than Barcelona," Dell said.

"Depending on the type of application you are running or even your theory of computer science, you might have a preference for one type of server or another," he added.

AMD is expected to roll out its first Barcelona chips running at clock speeds of up to 2GHz next Monday.

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