HP unveils Blackbird 002 premium gaming PC

Back in September of last year, Voodoo PC founder Rahul Sood announced on his blog that his company had been bought out by HP. Sood then became CTO of HP's Global Gaming Business, and now—almost a year later—the first fruits of the acquisition have been unveiled.

HP's Blackbird 002.

The result of HP and Voodoo PC's labors is known simply as the Blackbird 002, a premium gaming system that seems intended to outdo Dell's XPS 720. HP's Blackbird can play host to a wealth of hardware, from AMD Athlon 64 X2 processors and Radeon HD graphics cards to Intel Core 2 Extreme CPUs and Nvidia GeForce 8-series GPUs, with Ageia PhysX physics accelerator cards and Blu-ray burners to boot. And unlike the XPS, the Blackbird uses standard ATX motherboards and power supplies, making it easier to upgrade.

That's not to say the machine is ordinary, though. It boasts a cast aluminum, tool-less case with a flipped layout, five side-mounted hard drive bays, and a separate cooling compartment for graphics cards. Rather than rely on airflow to cool the graphics cards cards and processor, HP has also outfitted the system with a pre-sealed liquid cooling system from Asetek. Of course, those perks won't come cheap. HP says users can expect to cough up from $2,500 to $7,100 for the machine when it becomes available on October 1.

More details regarding the Blackbird are available from Rahul Sood's blog and Gizmodo, which hosts a video of Sood showing off the system.

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