AMD unveils open-source Linux graphics driver plans

Earlier this week, AMD announced that it planned to introduce a wide range of performance and compatibility improvements to future Catalyst graphics driver releases for Linux. The company also mentioned intentions to "accelerate efforts to address the needs of the open source community," and other sources reported that the company trumpeted plans to enable the development of open-source graphics drivers at the 2007 Linux Kernel Summit.

AMD has now published an announcement saying it plans to release an open source "information and development package" for Radeon X1000-series and Radeon HD 2000-series graphics processors on Linux. The package will come out next week, and it will include source code and hardware specifications meant to enable the open source community to develop 2D graphics drivers for those GPUs. Over the following months, AMD intends to work with the community to add support for 3D acceleration and video acceleration to the open-source drivers. The goal is to "provide the best possible experience on the Linux desktop," according to AMD.

To put together the aforementioned information and development package, AMD says it collaborated with "leading members" of the open source community, the X.Org community, and Novell's SuSE Linux engineering team. AMD plans to provide "on going support" for the project through an in-house team of developers, as well.

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