AMD does the dually dance

Yep, AMD showed off a dual-processor Athlon rig yesterday at the Microprocessor Forum. From the press release:
SAN JOSE, CA - OCTOBER 10, 2000 - AMD today reached a new milestone with the first public demonstration of a multiprocessor computer designed specifically to work with AMD processors. The demonstration, at the 2000 Microprocessor Forum, consisted of a computer powered by dual AMD Athlon* processors, the AMD-760*MP chipset, and next-generation Double Data Rate (DDR) memory. The multiprocessing computer demonstration featured 3D Studio Max, a professional 3D design and modeling application capable of increasing system performance by using both processors simultaneously.
For those of you wondering why Athlon duallies are a big deal, here's the scoop: the Athlon's EV6 bus is a point-to-point design, so unlike multiprocessor Pentium III setups, each Athlon gets its own dedicated bus bandwidth. In theory at least, that should make adding a second processor even more beneficial in an AMD system.

Add to that the 266MHz bus speed, plus support for DDR SDRAM, and you're looking at a serious jump in performance. Throw in the prospect of cheap dually Duron systems, and us speed freaks start getting all hot and bothered.

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