Friday Night Topic: What's in your fantasy garage?

Cars come in all shapes, sizes, and characters. Gorgeous classics like the Jaguar E-Type harken back to simpler times while modern engineering masterpieces like the Bugatti Veyron thumb their noses at physics. Quirky oddities like Volkswagon's Phaeton almost defy classification and hybrids like the Toyota Prius hint that the internal combustion engine's days may be numbered. And then there's Caddilac Escalade, which to cop James May, is absolutely of its time.

If money were no object, how would you fill your fantasy garage? Say it could only fit five cars; would you pack it with exotics, classics, or perhaps more practical steeds? I'll get thing started with Audi's new RS6 Avant, the Veyron, a Land Rover Defender, Porsche 911 Turbo, and a Lotus Exige S. What about you?


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