Sunday Shortbread


  • The Barcelona review
  • Ars Technica uncovers evidence for possible iTunes store movie rentals
  • Daily Tech reports on American broadband: pathetic and disgraceful
  • NordicHardware reports that benchmark with X38 appears
  • Tech ARP posts x264 benchmark and editorial about alleged AMD NDA
  • Ask Dan: why is it so hard to get a PC with a laptop CPU?
  •'s September giveaway
  • NordicHardware on Core 2 Duo performance: L2 cache
  • t-break reviews SteelSeries 5L, QcK heavy, and S&S gaming surfaces
  • bit-tech reviews be quiet!'s noise absorber kit
  • techPowerUp! reviews Corsair VX450W PSU
  • HardwareOC Austria reviews Scythe Kama Wing Silver aluminum memory heatsink (in German)
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