OCZ launches memory for Intel's X38 Express chipset

Motherboards based on Intel's X38 Express core logic chipset are just around the corner, and OCZ Technology has decided to introduce some new, high-speed DDR3 memory modules for the occasion. OCZ's PC3-12800 Intel XMP Ready Titanium Edition sticks aren't ordinary DDR3 modules, though. As OCZ explains, they feature Intel Extreme Memory Profiles, a set of Serial Presence Detect settings that will "act as an integrated 'plug and play' overclocking tool" on Intel X38-based mobos. In other words, the sticks are set for what seems to be Intel's take on SLI memory.

Aside from fancy next-gen chipset-specific goodies, the new PC3-12800 Intel XMP Ready Titanium Edition modules come in 1GB and 2GB flavors, and they're rated for operation at 1600MHz with timings of either 8-8-8 or 7-6-6, depending on the XMP profile. The modules are rated for a voltage setting of 1.8V, too, and OCZ's warranty covers over-voltage settings of up to 1.95V.

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