TR Forum Tidings: Could AMD's Phenom be a winner?

Judging by the performance we've seen out of AMD's new Barcelona quad-core server processor, it's hard to get too excited about Barcelona's upcoming desktop cousin, Phenom. However, gerbil old-timer Klopsik206 has posted a thread in our AMD Asylum forum to say the Phenom launch may not be as anticlimactic as some folks might think.

Klopsik reckons AMD will price Phenom aggressively, like the company does with its current chips. If AMD also manages to have the upper hand in terms of power consumption—as it does with Barcelona—Phenom could very well be a compelling alternative to Intel's Core 2 chips, he adds.

Other folks in the thread have different opinions. Some say they care more about raw performance than power consumption. Others even doubt Phenom will have a power consumption advantage to begin with. What do you believe? Does Phenom have a chance, or is AMD doomed? Feel free to hit Klopsik's thread to share your thoughts.

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