AMD's market share went up last quarter

Despite posting a $600 million loss last quarter, AMD boasted that it managed to raise its margin and win back market share from Intel. Market research firm iSuppli has now posted processor market share numbers for the second quarter of this year, and it looks like AMD did indeed nab back some market share from its chief rival.

iSuppli's numbers, as quoted by DigiTimes, suggest AMD had 13.4% of the overall processor market in Q2, up a respectable 2.5 points from 10.9% in the first quarter. As much an improvement as it might be, however, 13.4% is still three points down from AMD's slice of the market in the second quarter of last year.

According to iSuppli, the jump in AMD's market share from Q1 to Q2 was a result of increased shipments in notebook, desktop, and server chips, likely brought along by a decrease in average selling prices. iSuppli expects the price war that's currently raging between AMD and Intel to carry on until the end of the year.

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