Samsung claims world's first 60nm 2Gb DDR2 chip

Korean conglomerate Samsung has announced it has developed the world's first 2Gb DDR2 memory chips based on 60nm process technology. The chips are scheduled to hit mass production later this year, and they should allow for more power-efficient and denser modules.

According to Samsung, memory sticks based on the new 2Gb chips will use 30% less power than those based on its older 1Gb chips. Samsung says it'll be able to deliver 2Gb DDR2 chips in four kinds of modules: 8GB FB-DIMMs and registered DIMMs for workstation/server systems, vanilla 4GB DIMMs for desktop PCs, and 4GB SO-DIMMs for notebooks. The company also boasts that production efficiency "will be enhanced by about 40 percent" thanks to its finer 60nm process technology.

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