AMD dropping plans for its 'FASN8' platform?

Four months ago, AMD announced the name of its desktop quad-core chips—Phenom—and with it plans for a new dual-processor enthusiast platform dubbed FASN8. We later heard that the FASN8 launch had been pushed back from the second half of this year to some time in early 2008, but now, a report by The Inquirer suggests AMD has given up on the platform altogether.

The Inq says it has heard from system vendors that FASN8 is dead. "Not sleeping, not imminently on the way out, but dead," the site adds. AMD boasted back in May that FASN8 would combine dual Phenom processors, AMD graphics cards, and a new AMD chipset, making it the first all-AMD enthusiast platform. However, The Inq suggests AMD staff "may have overstretched themselves" on the project, and that few users would want to blow their paycheck on a FASN8-based system in the first place.

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