Pentium 4 benchmarks and Shortbread update

Ace's Hardware has some comparative benchmarks of the notorious Pentium 4 with the Pentium III and Athlon processors. Chip Architect adds this note on Willamette. Oh, Intel. With AMD surging, how could it go so wrong?

Shortbread: Linux edition

  • Let's begin with the Duke of URL: 3D on Linux how-to and interview with NVIDIA's Nick Triantos covering the state of Linux drivers, licensing, open sourcing, etc.
  • littlewhitedog's guide to dual booting W2K and Linux
  • Red Hat Linux 7 bug fix
  • User's review of FreeBSD 4.1 (from osOpinion)
  • IBM steps up Linux commitment (thanks Hari Shankar) and chipmaking capacity (thanks Lars Olsen)
  • PlanetHardware reviews Kodak DVC325 digital camera USB. Send us pictures of your system.
  • Tom's Hardware covers Microprocessor Forum: day 1 and day 2
  • Transmeta's Crusoe benchmarks (from Heise)
  • AnandTech's video card roundup focusing on DVD performance
  • FiringSquad's memory performance report part II
  • Virtual Hideout on constructing your own thermal probe
  • Chick's Hardware reviews Thunderbird 1.1 GHz. It's fast. Trust me, I have one.
  • Tech Extreme's firewall guide
  • Speaking of dual processor motherboards, Burning Issues has a less than favorable review of the MSI 694D-ProA
  • Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-072): privacy compromise vulnerability in Win 9x/Me
  • Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-073): DoS attack in Win9x/Me
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