Sony setting the stage for a cheaper PS3?

Earlier this week, we heard rumors that Sony was cooking up a new variant of its PlayStation 3 console with a 40GB hard drive and a $399.99 price tag. China Economic News Service (CENS) now reports that Hon Hai Precision Industry—the Taiwanese manufacturing giant that churns out everything from Foxconn motherboards to iPods—has been commissioned by Sony to manufacture PlayStation 3 consoles.

Hon Hai joins Asustek, which has been Sony's only supplier since the PS3 launch. According to CENS, Sony plans to introduce "low-priced models" of the PlayStation 3, and both Asustek and Hon Hai will handle manufacturing for those models. The move would make sense if Sony does indeed intend to launch a $399.99 PS3 this year, since sales could boom significantly during the holiday season. (Thanks to Beyond3D for the tip.)

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