Tuesday Shortbread


  1. AMD adds triple-core processors to desktop roadmap (AMD's video presentation is here)
  2. Ars Technica on AMD's triple threat: the tri-core Phenom
  3. Ars Technica's Infinite Loop considers Apple's two million Mac quarter
  4. Phoronix introduces the RadeonHD Linux driver
  5. bit-tech writes of Zen and the art of the project log
  6. Hardware Analysis on Intel's 45nm process: a true mark of innovation?
  7. HardwareZone on HTC: 10 years of innovation & technology leadership
  8. Guru3D releases Rivatuner v2.04
  9. GamingHeaven reviews Heavenly Sword (PS3)
  10. Benchmark Reviews has a hardware giveaway contest

  1. Ars Technica's back-to-school laptop shootout
  2. Digital Trends reviews HP Pavilion HDX 20" notebook
  3. HardwareLogic reviews Core 2 Quad Q6600
  4. bit-tech previews MSI X38 Diamond
  5. Phoronix reviews Gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L
  6. Icrontic reviews DFI Infinity NF570-M2/G
  7. PC Perspective on Corsair & Super Talent: is DDR3 ready for the enthusiast?
  8. HotHardware's DDR3 memory roundup: Corsair, OCZ, Kingston, and Super Talent
  9. PC Modding Malaysia reviews OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 FlexXLC Edition memory kit
Graphics and sound

  1. [H] Enthusiast reviews MSI NX8800Ultra-T2D768E-HD-OC
  2. bit-tech reviews BFG Tech GeForce 8600 GTS OC2™ ThermoIntelligence
  3. Ninjalane reviews Leadtek WinFast PX8400 GS TDH Silent
  4. XSReviews on MSI DigiVox mini II V3.0
  5. TrustedReviews on Samsung PS-50P96FD 50" plasma TV
  6. Guru3D reviews Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1
  7. Ars Technica and HardwareZone review Apple iPod touch
  8. Legit Reviews on V-Moda's Vibe Duo hi-definition luxury earphones
  9. HardwareZone's first look at Philips DCP850 iPod docking entertainment system
Peripherals, power, cases, and cooling

  1. Tweaknews reviews WolfKing Warrior gamepad
  2. I4U reviews Logitech G9 Laser mouse
  3. Pro-Clockers review FrogPad Bluetooth one-handed keyboard
  4. TrustedReviews on Asus P526 GPS-enabled smartphone
  5. APH Networks looks at 700W Tagan ITZ Series PSU
  6. Phoronix reviews SilverStone Kublai KL02 tower chassis
  7. t-break reviews Thermaltake SopranoFx case
  8. AnandTech on Swiftech H20-120 Compact and Corsair Nautilus 500: is water better?
  9. Tweaknews reviews Thermalright V2 VGA cooler
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