Penryn-based processors to arrive on November 12

Intel Developer Forum — Intel CEO Paul Otellini got specific today in his IDF keynote about when to expect 45nm processors in the "Penryn" family: November 12. Core 2 processors for desktops and Xeon CPUs for servers and workstations will all debut on that date. The "Yorkfield" desktop quad-core derivative of Penryn will be accompanied by the new X38 chipset, which features unlocked bus ratios. Intel also plans to release a second wave of 15-20 Penryn-based products in the first quarter of next year, including the first mobile variants of the chip.

Beyond 45nm, Otellini showed off a wafer of functional SRAMs manufactured on Intel’s in-development 32nm fab process. Each die on the wafer contained a whopping 1.9 billion transistors. Intel expects to deliver mainstream products based on its 32nm process in two years.

Watch TR later today for the first performance and power measurements from 45nm "Harpertown" Xeons.

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