More Athlons go embedded

AMD has added another three processors to its lineup of embedded chips. The newcomers are the Athlon 64 3100+, Athlon 64 2600+, and Athlon 64 2000+, and they feature power envelopes of 25W, 15W, and just 8W, respectively. All three chips are single-core desktop models, and they're all designed to slip into the same AM2 sockets and motherboards as AMD's desktop CPUs. AMD has also outfitted the chips with support for ECC memory, which it says will enable higher reliability for applications like Network Attached Storage systems, Advanced Mezzanine Cards, and the telecommunications market.

The new embedded chips are on track to become available in the fourth quarter of this year. Looking ahead, AMD says its quad-core Opteron processors and upcoming "Bobcat" core are candidates for embedded applications.

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