AMD grabs market share, moola

AMD continued its roll this past quarter, as it announced earnings in line with the green-eyeshade types' expectations. They managed not to see a big sales slowdown in Europe, and look to have grabbed some market share from Intel. AMD head honcho Jerry "Colonel" Sanders "said" this in the press release:
"In a tougher market than anticipated, AMD achieved record PC processor revenues on record unit sales, which were up more than 50 percent year-on-year and 10 percent sequentially," Sanders said. "We continued our excellent operational execution and met our aggressive goal of sequentially doubling combined AMD Athlon and AMD Duron processor sales to more than 3.6 million units. Our position as the reliable provider of the world's fastest PC processors contributed immensely to our success in gaining market share worldwide, particularly in the performance sector.
This is good news for AMD—records all around—and good news for the PC industry, where the big dawgs like Dell and Intel have been hurting.

As always, the best coverage of this financial stuff is at JC's, where you can read about ASPs, PE ratios, and double-clocked ALUs all at once.

Incidentally, the tastiest Microprocessor Forum morsels from JC are on this page, including word of another amazing bit of chipset vapor from Micron:

Micron demonstrated an Athlon chipset, codenamed Mamba, with 8MB L3 cache in the form of embedded DRAM. Of course, it supports DDR SDRAM.
I need this.
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