Alienware notebooks pack 640GB of storage

Gaming PC vendor Alienware is treading new ground on the notebook storage front lately. We learned earlier this month that the company was offering 64GB solid-state drives as an option with its Area-51 m9750 notebook. TG Daily now reports that Alienware has updated the very same Area-51 m9750 as well as the Aurora m9700 and the Area-51 m5550 with 320GB 2.5" hard drives from Samsung.

320GB is already quite a lot for a notebook, but Alienware offers the option of outfitting the Area 51 m9750 and the Aurora m9700 with two of those drives in a RAID 0 configuration. All that storage capacity comes at a price, though: a single 320GB hard drive is a $300 upgrade from the default 80GB, and users will have to pony up an extra $500 for a 640GB RAID 0 setup.

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