Mustang, Morgan, and Palomino...

...may be pushed back from a Q4 release until next year. NeWs dAwG sent in this link from The Register. Now, they have been wrong before but with Intel having so many problems, it is not implausible. Intel's CEO fires back at the critics as they continue to experience yield problems for the wayward Pentium 4. Here is an update on Intel's server chip plans (including Itanium). Intel seems to be banking on the 0.13 micron process to reach speeds in excess of 1 GHz next year. Is the Wintel monopoly in trouble? Seems that Intel and IBM have invested in TurboLinux.

Apple's salvation may be a Greek god. Motorola is preparing to disclose a 1 GHz processor code-named Apollo. AMD mania caused me to miss this earlier. Thanks to Troy Loney who sent in a similar link.

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