Monday Shortbread


  1. Shacknews has Halo 3 multiplayer and campaign reviews and media contest
  2. FiringSquad's Halo 3 single-player review
  3. Ars Technica on finishing the fight: a review of Halo 3
  4. MadBoxPC has allegedly leaked AMD Catalyst 7.10 beta driver suite
  5. GameStop has Unreal Tournament III: Collector's Edition details
  6. bit-tech interviews Cliff Bleszinski, lead designer for Gears of War
  7. NGOHQ shows how to force 1000Hz USB sample rate in Windows Vista
  8. PC Mechanic has an idiot’s tale of choosing a Linux distro
  9. Guru3D releases Driver Sweeper v1.0 Final

  1. HardwareZone reviews Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6
  2. NordicHardware shows how to overclock Radeon HD 2900 XT CrossFire
  3. Overclockers Club reviews Logitech G51 surround sound speaker system
  4. Digital Trends reviews Macally BTCUP full channel FM transmitter with built-in Bluetooth hands-free
  5. MetkuMods reviews Logitech G9 Laser mouse
  6. HardwareOC Austria reviews ZEROtherm® CF-900 main-stream CPU cooler (in German)
  7. Virtual-Hideout reviews ZEROtherm® ZT-100 thermal grease
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