Corsair aims to surpass 2GHz DDR3 next year

The folks over at Legit Reviews have scored an interview with Corsair Memory's co-founder and Vice President of Applications Engineering, John Beekley. In the interview, Beekley spends some time discussing Corsair's plans for DDR3, a memory type he says is "optimized for clock rate rather than bandwidth." (Indeed, DDR3 RAM has much higher timings than DDR2 and offers lower clock-for-clock performance.)

Beekley goes on to say Corsair aims to be "north of 2GHz" with production DDR3 RAM by January 1, 2008, although he adds that getting to that speed "is not going to be easy." Currently, the fastest DDR3 RAM Corsair offers (PDF) is rated for operation at 1.8GHz with timings of 7-7-7-20 and a VDIMM setting of 2V—33% higher than the 1.5V JEDEC standard for DDR3.  Corsair may continue bumping DDR3 speeds, but prices should remain high. Beekley says he doesn't expect DDR3 to reach price parity with DDR2 until "sometime in 2009."

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