AMD licenses graphics tech to Qualcomm

The graphics technology featured in the Xbox 360 and AMD's current Radeon HD graphics cards may soon be coming to a cell phone near you. AMD has announced that it has licensed its Unified Shader Architecture to wireless telecommuications firm Qualcomm for use in the company's Mobile Station Modem chipsets. With Qualcomm being a top maker of mobile phone chipsets, the deal could see AMD's OpenGL ES 2.0-capable shader tech "potentially reaching many millions of mobile phone users," according to AMD. In fact, an iSuppli report posted in July said Qualcomm edged ahead of Texas Instruments as the world's number-one supplier of integrated circuits for mobile devices.

AMD quotes Ideaworks3D CEO Alex Caccia as saying upcoming handheld device architectures with OpenGL ES 2.0 support will bring a "game-changing evolution in 3D capabilities for developers." Caccia also claims the licensing deal is "laying the groundwork for a wealth of new devices capable of supporting the same mind-blowing 3D performance seen in today's videogame consoles and PCs."

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