New low-power single-core Athlons coming

Many may be on the edge of their seats in anticipation of AMD's first quad-core desktop processors, which are due out later this quarter. However, according to a report by X-bit labs, AMD has seen it fit to complement its fourth quarter roadmap with a pair of new single-core chips.

The two processors are scheduled to launch this quarter, but they're not based on AMD's new architecture, nor are they built around the company's 65nm process technology. Instead, X-bit labs says the CPUs are 90nm Athlon models clocked at 2.2 and 2.4GHz with 1MB of cache and a thermal envelope of just 45 watts. The 2.2GHz model will be dubbed Athlon LE-1600, while its 2.4GHz sibling will be known as the Athlon LE-1620. Prices for both models should be lower than $70, X-bit labs suggests.

Update: X-bit labs seems to have pulled the story. However, the information appears to be valid: we can see the two chips listed as available for pre-orders at some European online retailers. Italian e-tailer ePrice, for instance, lists the LE-1600 for €44.27 ($62.66) and the LE-1620 for €49.18 ($69.61).

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