THG unfolds Intel roadmap

The guys at Tom's Hardware have been all over the Microprocessor Forum this week, and now Tom's gotten hold of an Intel roadmap and dissected it for us. Looking at Intel's future plans, Tom's pretty clear on the key to success: dump Rambus.

Most interesting from this roadmap is new info on Intel's next big revsion of the Pentium III, to be built on a .13-micron process, "Tualatin":

  • 1.13 / 1.26 GHz at launch date
  • 512kB on-die L2 Cache
  • Differential Clocking = a new clock spec
  • VRM 8.5 = a new voltage spec
  • AGTL (1.2VTT) replaces AGTL+ (1.5VTT) = a new bus spec
  • AGP 4X 1.5 V
  • CPU will look more like current SocketA processors with the four pads, but with an additional ring around the flip chip to make sure that it doesn't get destroyed by the heat sink, called FC-PGA2 = FC-PGA with integrated Heat Spreader. FCPGA2-processor will be 3.5 mm high instead of FCPGA's height of only 1.9 mm.
  • Assuming Intel can get the P6 core to run at higher frequencies, that 512K L2 cache ought to let it scale up reasonably well for yet another year or so. Probably.

    Another shocking revelation from Tom is word that the 2GHz Pentium 4 is gonna meet Jesus:

    A look at the roadmap makes it even more obvious that Pentium 4 will most definitely stay way ahead of Pentium III, since Intel is planning Pentium 4 processors at 1.7 GHz or more for Q1/2001 already and Q2/2001 is supposed to be the time when the first 2 GHz Pentium 4 will see the light of the world.
    Let's see AMD compete with that.
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