Crysis 'Power Struggle' multiplayer previewed

Last month, Crytek and Electronic Arts gave some members of the press a crack at a multiplayer beta of their upcoming first-person shooter, Crysis. Chris Remo from Shacknews was one of the lucky testers, and he's put together a brief article relating his experiences with Crysis' "Power Struggle" multiplayer mode.

According to Remo, Crytek has sought to make up for Far Cry's unimpressive multiplayer by developing "an ambitious Battlefield-esque mode called 'Power Struggle' that encapsulates large-scale teamplay with land-sea-and-air dynamics and plenty of control points." To win, teams must seize control of a factory that can produce a nuke-launching tank designed to destroy the opposing team's base. The game also delivers factories where players can build aircraft, boats, and the like.

Despite the abundance of goodies available to keep players busy, Shacknews says Power Struggle is complicated and that it requires good teamwork. The site expresses concerns that Crysis' multiplayer might not do so well in the face of games like Team Fortress 2 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, which are not only easier to play, but have also been hyped for much longer and have less stringent hardware requirements.

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