$399 PlayStation 3 evidence appears

Gaming sites have been tossing around rumors of a $399 PlayStation 3 for weeks, but now the evidence is clearly piling up. The folks at Engadget have come upon Best Buy documents that mention a $399.99 PlayStation 3 with a 40GB hard drive and a bundled copy of Spiderman 3. Checking up the Universal Product Code in the documents reveals the manufacturer as indeed being Sony Computer Entertainment of America, the site says.

As if that weren't evidence enough, British e-tailer Play.com is already listing a 40GB PlayStation 3. While there's no price tag, the product name reads "Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Console With 40GB HDD," and the "special features" section mentions a 40GB hard drive. Engadget says it expects the $399 PS3 to roll out on October 12, which is when Sony reportedly has a "Big Bang" press event scheduled.

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