GeForce 8800 GT caught on camera

A great many rumors have already emerged about Nvidia's upcoming G92 graphics processor, but as the launch nears, more and more information is rolling out. In fact, the folks over at Fudzilla have now come upon a picture of a G92-based GeForce 8800 GT card. The card features a sleek, single-slot cooler, and Fudzilla says it's nine inches (23cm) long and outfitted with a six-pin PCI Express power connector.

The site has also learned of specifications, a launch date, and even an early performance score for the card. Supposedly, GeForce 8800 GTs will run at 600MHz with a memory speed of 900MHz, and they'll be capable of scoring 10,769 points in 3DMark06.  We can reportedly expect 8800 GT cards to launch on October 29. Previous rumors have mentioned $199 and $249 price tags for 256MB and 512MB versions of the 8800 GT, respectively.

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