Apple looking at Intel MID platform for the iPhone

At Computex, Intel demonstrated its Mobile Internet Device concept and its “Menlow” MID platform. Menlow will include a 45nm “Silverthorne” x86 processor, a “Poulsbo” chipset, and WiMax support. The company had some MID prototypes on display, which were running Windows Vista, displaying web pages, and playing videos.

A report by DigiTimes now suggests Apple may be considering Menlow’s successor for the iPhone. The site quotes “OEM sources” as saying Apple is mulling the “Moorestown” MID platform, which will replace Menlow in 2009, for next-generation iPhones. Current iPhones use ARM processors, according to ARM CEO Warren East. Channel sources tell DigiTimes Apple would “reposition the MID market place” if it chose Moorestown for a future iPhone.

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