Intel confirms upcoming naming scheme change

Chatty Taiwanese sources reported a couple of months back that Intel planned to undertake a massive renaming effort to simplify its product line starting in January 2008. Core 2 Duo, Quad, and Extreme processors were to be re-dubbed Core 2, and platform names like vPro and Viiv were to be brought under the Core 2 umbrella. However, later reports claimed a backlash from the market had made Intel re-think its plans and that it only intended to change platform names.

An Intel spokesman has now confirmed the naming scheme change in an e-mail to the folks over at eWeek, and it looks like the latter report was essentially correct. Intel won't rename its Core 2 processors, but vPro, Viiv, and Centrino platform brands will change. Current Centrino names will be consolidated into just two: "Centrino" and "Centrino with vPro Technology." Meanwhile, vPro and Viiv platforms will be updated "to better reflect which processor is being used with the platform." A vPro PC with a Core 2 Quad processor will now sport an "Intel Core 2 Quad with vPro Technology" badge, for example.

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