Kingston announces 1.8GHz DDR3 memory

Speeds of enthusiast-grade DDR3 memory have been steadily increasing ever since the new memory type first appeared together with Intel's P35 chipset in May. Furthering the trend, Kingston Technology has launched new DDR3 modules rated for operating at a blistering 1800MHz. These new HyperX 14400 modules come either as lone 1GB sticks or 2GB dual-channel kits, and they have rated timings of 8-8-8-24. Only those with ample budgets need apply, though: the 1GB HyperX 1440 modules are launching at $227 each, and 2GB kits cost a whopping $453.

At around the same prices ($224 and $448, respectively), Kingston has also introduced 1GB kits and 2GB dual-channel modules under the HyperX 1300 label. Those offerings are rated for operation at a slower 1625MHz, but with tighter timings of 7-7-7-20. Both HyperX 1300 and HyperX 1440 modules have a VDIMM rating of 1.9V—0.4V above the JEDEC norm for DDR3.

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