Deal of the week: 30GB Zune for $99.99

We're putting up our deal post a little early today in order to give you a head start on a time-limited offer. The guys at are currently offering 30GB Zune portable media players from Microsoft for only $99.99 with $5 shipping each. According to Woot, the players are "Microsoft-certified with full accessories, full warranty and even factory fresh retail packaging." To put things in perspective, the same player over at Newegg costs $188.99 with $6.33 shipping right now.

Woot's offer is especially tantalizing when you consider Microsoft's plans to update 30GB Zunes with new software features and PC software from the second-gen Zunes when those come out next month. That means 30GB Zune users should be able to sync music wirelessly from their home Wi-Fi networks and access digital rights management-free MP3 tracks coming to the Zune Marketplace, among other things. For a little more than the price of an iPod shuffle, that's a pretty sweet deal.

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