Friday night topic: Fantasy football

I've been playing in fantasy football leagues for at least five years now, but I'm still amazed whenever I hear stats about the number of people who play.  Of course, we have our own TR fantasy leagues, in which I play (and contend!) every year.  Each week, I sneak in and steal players out from under folks who aren't paying sufficient attention to new developments.  My latest acquisitions: Dwayne Bowe, Brett Favre, and Kenton Keith.  Somehow, nobody had Joseph Addai handcuffed!  Heh.  Amazing what you can find available in a smaller league like ours (10 teams).

Do you play fantasy football?  If so, do you play online?  Meet in person, at least for the draft?  How's your season going?  Any tips for us?  What's the secret to winning?  Discuss.

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