Intel preps Turbo Memory PCIe desktop card

In other PCI Express x1-related news, Fudzilla reports that Intel is readying a PCIe x1 card to add Turbo Memory capabilities to desktop systems. The card, Fudzilla says, is code-named Cariboo River, and samples of it have already begun shipping.

If the desktop flavor of Turbo Memory is anything like the mobile one, Cariboo River cards will include a lump of flash cache. That cache should allow users of Vista-based desktop systems to benefit from the advantages Turbo Memory, which according to Intel include faster boot times, quicker application load times, and lower power consumption.

However, Fudzilla—much like motherboard manufacturers who spoke out about the subject a few months ago—is skeptical of Turbo Memory's benefits on the desktop, saying users may be better served by extra system memory. The site also mentions that Cariboo River "seems to require" Intel's ICH9R south bridge chip, which is only present on the latest Intel-based mobos.

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