Developers smack Intel

Looks like Intel was out of its depth yesterday trying to make developers of person-to-person software fall into line. Check out this ZD story DiM sent in about the encounter during a P2P working group meeting. The attendees seemed to favor a more democratic organzational structure for the group, while Intel wanted the big dawgs to run the show. Tim O'Reilly even got into the act:
"This is an awful start -- this is horrific!" said Tim O'Reilly, whose O'Reilly & Associates is holding conferences and fostering discussions on P2P, to applause.

"The IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) has a good working model [for projects like this], and you propose an organization where the big players have all the power."

Uhm, Intel isn't exactly the best fit with the culture of peer-to-peer software (like Napster, et al). They'd probably encourage using processor serial numbers, too.
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