Sony Blu-ray burner writes 50GB discs at 4X

A new Sony 5.25" Blu-ray burner coming next month will allow users to burn dual-layer Blu-ray discs at a speed of 4X, according to a report by Electronista. The site says the upcoming BWU-200S drive will be Sony's first 4X Blu-ray burner, and that it'll be able to write a 50GB Blu-ray disc in around 45 minutes. That should add up to a burning time of around 23 minutes for a 25GB single-layer disc.

Blu-ray burning capabilities aside, the BWU-200S will feature a Serial ATA interface, and be capable of writing single-layer DVD-R and DVD+R discs at a speed of 16X. The drive will also come with video editing and Blu-ray/DVD authoring software from CyberLink. You can already pre-order the BWU-200S from the SonyStyle website for $599.99.

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