GeForce 8800 GTX, Ultra may get three-way SLI

Ready your 1kW power supplies for this one: Nvidia is wrapping up driver testing for a three-way SLI multi-GPU implementation aimed at its high-end GeForce 8800 GTX and GeForce 8800 Ultra graphics cards, according to a report by Chinese site Expreview.

The implementation will reportedly allow users with motherboards based on the nForce 680i SLI and upcoming nForce 780i SLI chipsets to use three of those graphics cards together into a single system, provided they have three PCI Express x16 slots and a new three-way SLI bridge. A related report by VR-Zone says three-way SLI bridges will rely on the dual SLI connectors on GeForce 8800 GTX and Ultra cards, so GeForce 8800 GTS models would seem to be excluded by design.

If three-way SLI is exclusive to Nvidia's power-hungriest offerings, that should be good news for power supply makers. In our tests, we found that the difference between single and dual GeForce 8800 GTXs in a loaded system running Oblivion was 86W. Considering our 8800 GTX SLI system drew 373W at the wall, a similar PC with three of those cards could draw around 459W.

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