New 19-inch Asus LCD has 1680x1050 resolution

20.1" and 22" wide-screen displays with 1680x1050 resolutions are commonplace, but some desk-space-challenged folk may want something a little smaller without having to sacrifice screen real estate. For such users, Asus has introduced a new wide-screen monitor that squeezes the same 1680x1050 resolution into a 19" panel.

Dubbed the VW198, the monitor is rated for a 5ms response time, 3000:1 contrast ratio, and 300cd/m² luminosity. Asus also claims it's "the first 19-inch widescreen LCD monitor with WSXGA+ 1680x1050 high resolution." Indeed, wide-screen 19" displays typically have 1440x900 resolutions.

Along with the VW198, Asus has also released a new 20" monitor named the VW202 and a 22" model known as the VW222. Both have the same 1680x1050 resolution as the VW198. The VW202 is rated for 5ms response, 2000:1 contrast, and 300cd/m² luminosity, while the VW222 has the same specs as the VW202 except for a 2ms rated response time. All three new models have DVI inputs with HDCP support, as well.

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