— 2:51 AM on October 14, 2000

Here is some speculation on how the Middle East crisis will affect the technology industry. It seems rather crass to talk about computers amid all the turmoil but...


  • GA-Hardware's Q&A with NVIDIA's Lloyd Case. NVIDIA will have a strong presence at Comdex.
  • Rage Underground casts doubt on ATI roadmap and Rage3D is now reporting that the roadmap is inaccurate. There will be no Radeon MAXX.
  • AnandTech, Gamers Depot and Sharky Extreme review ATI Radeon 32mb SDR
  • Gamers Depot reviews Elsa Gladiac GeForce 2 Ultra
  • Great Scott! Maximum3D tests 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 with an Athlon and PC Rave does a stylish review with 1.03 drivers sans benchmarks
  • The future of Beyond 3D

  • TweakHardware's Asus A7V RAID conversion
  • SE's hands-on review of Iwill KA266-R DDR (no benchmarks, just commentary)
  • VIAHardware looks at DFI CM35 PM133 socket 370
  • Slot/SocketA reviews Asus A7V w/o audio
  • Digital Web 3D's i815e motherboard shootout
Other hardware

  • Penstar Systems reviews the Ratpad and does a short interview with Kyle Bennett
  • Thermal fan-control circuit blueprint from Overclockers Australia
  • GamePC's review of Antec SX-1030B full tower case
  • Dans Data reviews AverMedia TVPhone98 w/VCR
  • PC stats reviews Actiontec USB InternetPhone Wizard
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