AMD expands TV Wonder tuner lineup

Three new offerings have joined AMD’s TV Wonder line of TV tuners: the ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo USB, ATI TV Wonder 600 PCI, and ATI TV Wonder 600 PCI Express. The three products are designed to let users watch and record digital TV/HDTV, unencrypted digital cable (ClearQAM), and analog TV on their PCs. Thanks to AMD’s ATI Theater video processing tech, the tuners feature hardware MPEG-2 encoding, automatic color control, and automatic gain control. The Catalyst Media Center software bundled with the tuners also enables quick transcoding of recorded TV programs into formats compatible with portable devices like the iPhone, iPod, Zune, Palm Treo, and Sony PSP.

At $149, the TV Wonder 650 Combo USB is the priciest of the three, and it’s also the most feature-packed. It sports two TV tuners, FM radio tuning, and extra image enhancement functionality including a motion-adaptive 3D comb filter, noise reduction, and edge management. Meanwhile, the TV Wonder 600 PCI and TV Wonder 600 PCI Express are both rolling out at $99. The two cheaper tuners lack the TV Wonder 650 Combo USB’s FM tuning or fancy image quality features, but they trade its USB connectivity for PCI and PCI Express, respectively.

AMD says all three tuners are already available through VisionTek at Best Buy stores in North America.

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